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    3. Durable and cheap loaders
      Mini Loaders - RC908 with CE

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       RC908 Durable & cheap loaders - Engine    Basic Dimensions
      Model PERKINS 403D-11 Length 3690 mm 145"
      Power 18.5 kW 24.8 hp Total width (reverse tyre) 1050 / 970 mm 41" / 38"
      Speed 2800 rpm Height 2300 mm 91"
      Torque 67 Nm Ground clearance 200 mm 8"
      Fuel consumption 252 g/kw hr Dumping height 2000 mm 79"
      Cubic capacity 1131 cm³ Dumping reach 600 mm 24"
      Wheel base 1340 mm 53"
      Operating weight 1470 kg 3241 lbs  Additional Specifications
      Lifting weight 600 kg 1323 lbs Outside face of bucket 1989 mm 78"
      Driving speed 12 km/h 7.5 mph Outside face of tyre 1469 mm 58"
      Sum work device 8 sec Tyre features 27*8.5-15TL
      Hydraulic working pressure 305 bar Max. turning angle ± 68°
        Delivery time: 20 - 30 days
        FOB Qingdao, CHINA    
      Minimum Order: 1 unit
        Guarantee: 12 months   + Pictures of RC908

      Mini Loaders RC908 with CE - Features & Specifications

      Durable & cheap loaders - The RC908 mini loaders combine great maneuverability due to their compact size and strength as they are powered by a 24.8 hp power PERKINS 403D-11 engine. This mini loader is manufactured with both a canopy top and a closed cabin.

      With a lifting weight of 600kg and an array of attachments like its 4 in 1 bucket, grass fork, bladder, snow bucker and digger this multi-functional mini wheel loader has an endless range of uses. From farm work and snow removal to earth moving and construction works, the RC908 mini loaders will always provide a fast, efficient and low fuel consumption service.

      1. Engine - PERKINS 403D-11

      loaders china

      The PERKINS 403D-11 is a 3 cylinder diesel engine with a 1131 cm³ cubic capacity. This high quality compact engine has a 18.5 kW (24 hp) power at 2800 rpm. It complies with EC (Stage IIIA) and US (EPA Tier 4) emission regulations meaning that it can be used in the US, as well as in all European countries and regions worldwide. The PERKINS 403D-11 is a durable engine with a 6,000 hour reliability.

      2. Dimensions & Loader Capacity

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      A 3690 mm total length (standard shovel) 1050 mm total width and 68º maximum turning angles the RC908 can wiggle around even those tightest angles in enclosed spaces.

      3. Controls & Drive System

      bucket loaders front end loader bucket

      The multifunctional hydro-electric joystick control delivers the operator an effortless control over the machine. From here the driver has total control over the vehicle and all tool attachments. Without having to get off of the vehicle the operator is able to quickly couple and de-couple all attachment thanks to the RC908 incorporated hydraulic exchange system. This efficient mechanic system allows the RC908 to quickly become a multi-functional machine.

      4. Photos

      mini loaders

      cheap loaders

      cheap loaders

      chinese wheel loaders

      china wheel loaders

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      Click here to see more pictures of the RC908 Mini Loaders

      5. Mini Wheel Loader Attachment

      European Grass Fork
      Ploughing Machine
      Snow Blower
      grass fork attachment
      ploughing attachment
      snow blower attachment
      Fork Pallet and Adjustable Fork Pallet
      digger attachment
      Grass Fork attachment
      fork pallet attachment
      4 in 1 Bucket
      Grass Fork
      Snow Blade
      4 in 1 front loader
      wheel loader attachment
      snow blades

      We also manufacture a variety of wheel loader attachments for the RC908. Including the above we have adjustable fork pallets, grass cutters and a range of augers with and without cutting heads of 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm. For more information on these please feel free to contact usl.

      If you are looking for reliable and cheap loaders please feel free to ask us for a quotation on the RC908 mini loaders.

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