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    3. Cheap Mini Excavator
      C45 with CE

      cheap mini excavator
      excavator manufacturers
      exporter of excavators and parts

      Cheap mini excavator C45 with CE - Specifications    Basic Dimensions
      Operate weight 4200 kg 9259 lbs Upper structure width 1600 mm 63"
      Bucket capacity 0.17 m3 Undercarriage width 1750 mm 69"
      Engine model YANMAR 4TNV88 Overall height 2455 mm 97"
      Engine power 27 kW 36 hp Overall length for transportation 5500 mm 217"
      Swing speed 11 rpm Rear swing radius 1600 mm 63"
      Ground pressure 29 Kpa Ground clearance 350 mm 14"
      Travel speed 4.4/2.7 km/h 2.7/ 1.7 mph Clearance under counter weight 585 mm 23"
      Tracking force 34.1 kn    
      Gradeability 30 ° Working range
          Digging radius 5530 mm 218"
       Additional Specifications Digging depth 3405 mm 134"
      Japanese KYB main pump Digging height 5030 mm 198"
      Japanese KYB tracking motor Dumping height 3410 mm 134"
      Japanese KYB swing motor   Dozer cutting depth 380 mm 15"
      Italian valve, pilot control lever   Dozer lifting height 255 mm 10"
        Delivery time: 20 - 30 days     
      FOB: Qingdao, CHINA
        Guarantee Period: 12 months

      C45 Excavator with CE - Features & Specifications

      Durable & cheap Mini Excavator - The C45's design and array of attachments, such as its wide and narrow buckets, hammer and ripper attachments, make this model a multifunctional mini excavator with high efficiency and utilization. The boom and arm have been specifically designed to optimize digging force in all working conditions.

      The C45's Yanmar diesel engine makes this excavator one of great power and low emissions. The digital monitor gives the operator full display of vehicle's functioning and the optional GPS positioning and remote system diagnosis allow for online inspections.

      1. Engine - YANMAR 4TNV88

      The Japanese made YANMAR 4TNV88 is a guarantee of superior power and quality. The C45 also has a durable fuel filter and a fuel-water separator system. Imported key components of the C45 excavator include its hydraulic system, travel motor, swing motor and its multi-circuit valve.

      2. Dimensions

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      3. Photos

      china excavators

      chinese excavator

      attachment for mini excavators

      chinese excavator

      china hydraulic excavator

      4. Attachments for Mini Excavators

      Hydraulic quick hitch
      Mechanical quick hitch
      china excavators
      china hydraulic excavator
      china compact excavator manufacturer
      Tilting bucket
      Excavator Rubber Track
      Tilting bucket
      mining excavator manufacturers
      excavator rubber track
      excavator buckets for sale
      Swing boom
      Various colors
      excavator companies
      excavators manufacturers
      china excavator

      Optional buckets:

      - 350 mm rock bucket with 2 teeth
      - 620 mm bucket with 4 teeth - standard bucket
      - 780 mm bucket with 5 teeth
      - 860 mm bucket with 5 teeth
      - 850 mm tilting bucket without teeth
      - 1200 mm bucket without teeth

      5. Loading

      Container body size 40HQ: 12000 * 2130 * 2720 (LxWxH). Load 3 units in one 40HQ container. FOB: Qingdao, Shandong Province (China). Please contact us for more information or a quotation on our high quality but cheap mini excavator models.

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