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    3. Wheel Loader Manufacturer
      Photos RC908 Mini Loader

      RC908 Mini Wheel Loader Manufacturer - The RC908 mini loaders (cabin/canopy) are extremely efficient when it comes down to hard work. Its imported components such as its PERKINS engine or Italian hydraulic pump are a guarantee of the vehicle's high productivity. Click here for more information on the RC908 mini loaders or here for to compare models.

      china wheel loader manufacturer RC908 mini loader cabin model purchased by one of our satisfied customers in the US

      mini loaders RC908 mini loaders have PERKINS 403D-11 low emission engines which comply with both US and European regulations

      cheap loadersRC908 mini wheel loader canopy model is very popular among our US, European and Australian customers

      china front end loaderMini loader with fork pallet attachment

      china wheel loaderMini wheel loader with standard bucket

      china loader manufacturer Ideal mini loader for small road sites, farms and snow removal due to its small size and 600 kg lifting capacity

      china loaderRC908 loader at factory before being professional loaded for shipping

      chinese wheel loadersThis mini wheel loader has a 2526 mm lifting height (horizontal bucket)

      china wheel loadersOur mini loader has a 1050 mm total width, which makes it a great choice for working in narrow or confined spaces

      cheap loaders We have an array of attachments which makes this mini wheel loader an extremely versatile pieces of equipment

      construction machinery exporters Professional coating protects the vehicle from the harshest external environments and ensures its long life

      construction machinery exporter The great feedback we have received from our dealers has allowed us to constantly make improvements to the RC908

      loader suppliers High quality wheel loader manufacturer able of manufacturing in excess of 1000 monthly units

      loaders suppliersOriginal imported PERKINS engine is a guarantee of high quality and excellent performance

      wheel loader suppliersReliable three cylinder motor with 18.5 kW (24.8 hp) at 2800 rpm and a 252 g/kw hr fuel consumption

      wheel loaders manufacturersImported Italian hydraulic pump maximizes the vehicle's output efficiency

      construction machinery manufacturersLow consumption engine increase your overall operations' productivity

      heavy equipment manufacturersFeel free to contact us to visit our factory. We have both native British and Spanish staff members who will show you around

      loaders manufacturersRC908 operators manual, PERKINS operation and maintenance engine manual and daily maintenance spare parts

      heavy machinery manufacturersAll equipment is professionally loaded in order to guarantee that all of our products get to our customers in perfect conditions

      china construction machinery manufacturer All spare parts are sent together with the vehicle

      If you require more information or a quotation on the RC908 please feel free to contact us by using the below contact form or by sending us an email to sales@china-constructionmachinery.com.

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